Tips for A Successful Luxury Newborn Session


July 3, 2024

Capturing the delicate moments of a newborn’s first days is an art that requires planning, patience, and a touch of pampering. As a luxury newborn photographer, I ensure every session is seamless and stress-free for my clients. All this information gets shared with my clients prior to our session. Here are some tips for a successful newborn session and what makes my luxury approach unique.

Helpful Tips

Schedule Early: The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of life. During this period, babies are sleepier and easier to pose, allowing for those heart-melting shots. Getting your session on the calendar early is key to ensuring you lock in a session! You can never book too soon!

Consultation: Before the session, I offer a comprehensive consultation to understand your vision and preferences. This ensures that we are aligned in creating the perfect photo session for your family.

Warm Environment: A cozy, warm room is crucial to keep the baby comfortable and happy. I always ensure the studio or home setup is at an optimal temperature.

Mid-Morning Sessions: Newborns are typically sleepiest in the mid-morning, making it an ideal time for the session. This allows us to capture serene, undisturbed moments. I like to shoot between 9-10 AM.

Flexible Timing: My newborn sessions last about 2.5 hours max. The session is not 2.5 hours worth of shooting! I always allow extra time for feeding, changing, and cuddling, ensuring the baby is content and relaxed.

Full Belly: A well-fed baby is a happy and sleepy baby. Feeding the baby right before the session helps in keeping them calm and settled. Try to finish the feed about 20 minutes before our session so your baby has time to digest before being wrapped up like a burrito.

The Seamless Process

Full-Service Experience: From the moment you book your session, I handle all the details. Your luxury newborn session should feel like a luxury experience. This includes setting up hair and makeup appointments, providing a wardrobe, and bringing all necessary items for the baby.

Wardrobe for Mom and Kids: I offer a beautiful wardrobe for moms and siblings to ensure everyone looks their best without the stress of planning outfits. If you don’t feel comfortable

Hair and Makeup: Professional hair and makeup services are arranged to make sure mom feels pampered and looks her best for the session.

Post-Session Ordering Appointment: After the session, we have an ordering appointment to select your favorite images and discuss creating custom gallery walls, albums, and other keepsakes.

Gallery Walls: I offer design services to help you create stunning gallery walls, turning your newborn’s photos into cherished art pieces for your home.

For more tips or to book a session, contact me today and let’s create something beautiful together!

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